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Veterans Crisis Line
Dial 988, then Press 1

Informational Videos

The PACT Act and Your Care

An official video from the Department of Veteran Affairs about the PACT Act and the expanded health care and benefits for Veterans who were exposed to burn pits and other toxic substances during their service.

5 Questions about Aid and Attendance Benefits

This is an informative video from the Department of Veteran Affairs answering 5 common questions Veterans have about their Aid and Attendance benefits.

Creating an Account at

Although this video is written for Veterans creating a account for their GI bill, the process for creating an account for administering a claim is the same.

Literature and Guides

VA Account Creation Video

A Brief Guide to Aid and Attendance Benefits

We have created a brief guide for anyone seeking VA benefits. Our guide covers the basic eligibility criteria, common pitfalls, and frequently asked questions our clients have when filing a claim.


Useful Links

VA Account Creation Video

VA Resources for Homeless Veterans

The VA has several resources for Veterans who are homeless, may become homeless, or are experiencing housing instability.

Learn more.
SeniorHousingNet website

SeniorHousingNet's Emergency Housing Guide

Our friends at SeniorHousingNet have written this informative guide about Emergency Housing for senior citizens and the elderly.

Learn More.
HaveYouServed website

Have You Ever Served is a resource from the American Academy of Nursing which provides resources and information for Veterans and Health Professionals.

Learn More.

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